T+A 1560 R Audiofil Surround Receiver i gruppen Elektronik / Multikanal DVD/BD receiver / T+A hos AudioConcept (519-1)

T+A 1560 R Audiofil Surround Receiver

T+A 1560 R Audiofil Surround Receiver

75000 SEK
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This 7.1 surround receiver is a true multi-talent from the T+A stable. It has been developed for people who love High-End surround sound, but in particular are not prepared to accept anything less than the highest possible quality of two-channel audio reproduction. The basis of this machine is the superb R-series pre-amplifier and power amplifier sections, the freely programmable surround processor (for generating Dolby Digital and DTS formats), the professional-standard video section, the high-quality VHF tuner and the separate mains power supplies for the analogue and digital sections. The case is very compact, and forms an ideal combination with the source devices in a complete system. Nevertheless, it can generate a total power of no less than 750 Watts (5 x 150 W) whilst maintaining outstanding sound quality and tremendous dynamism under load, and therefore forms a great basis for a 5.1 surround system.

If you are intending to assemble a large home cinema system with 7.1 sound, the surround receiver provides two pre-amplifier outputs which can be configured in various ways: they can be connected either to one A 1560 power amplifier as a stereo output stage, or to two in mono mode to act as the front channels. With its top-quality video terminals, wide-band video board (HDTV) and superb tuner, the SR 1560 R can form the perfect core of a complex home cinema system. Even the new audio formats offered by the BD 1260 R Blu-Ray player can be reproduced via the 7.1 multi-channel inputs. And - of course - we have kept our audiophile customers in mind: for analogue stereo operation there is an analogue direct mode (High Quality Analogue Stereo Mode), in which the entire digital signal processing circuitry of the decoder is switched off, and thereby eliminated from the signal path.

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